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39+ Healthy Imitation Crab Recipes Pics

39+ Healthy Imitation Crab Recipes Pics. Transform your imitation crab into a seafood feast with these 16 delicious recipes. Are you looking for a baking recipe?

Crab Salad Recipe Dinner At The Zoo
Crab Salad Recipe Dinner At The Zoo from

See more ideas about imitation crab meat, recipes, imitation crab. Rubbery and filled with just bread crumbs or mashed potatoes for fillers. Featuring corn, eggs, rice, and cucumber, this russian salad version is comforting, filling, and really easy & quick to make!

This crab salad is a blend of imitation crab, vegetables and herbs, all tossed in a simple creamy dressing.

Well, just my personal opinion, but imitation crab is a waste of money because doesn't even taste like crab. Just chop up the meat into a cheese. This is a healthy, light and refreshing salad. A quick, easy, and high protein healthy crab meat sandwich recipe.

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