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48+ Beef Stew Recipes In Urdu Background

48+ Beef Stew Recipes In Urdu
. Get ideas for the slow cooker or stovetop, with tips and videos on making the perfect stew. Choose old fashioned, slow cooker and beef stew recipes with a twist from

Beef Nihari
Beef Nihari from

Beef stew is the benevolent king of all stews. Personally, this is the best stew recipe i've found online. Beef stew recipes are for beef chuck (from the shoulder) and vegetable stew, but you could easily substitute veal, pork, or chicken.

The only question left is, dumplings or mash?

This is a recipe you should always have on standby. A traditional beef stew with thick and rich gravy. In fact, many recipes skip it, not just ours. The recipie is listed in mutton gosht and beef gosht.

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