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Get Filipino Recipes Desserts
. Desserts are usually served right after lunch or dinner, but filipinos are known for not adhering to the the philippine leche flan is a much heavier version of the original recipe, using more egg yolks. Of the many filipino desserts that have graced tables at family reunions and christmas parties, leche flan is one of the most popular and most loved.

Broken Glass Dessert Recipe
Broken Glass Dessert Recipe from

I have shared many recipes over the past few years and some of my favorites have been the filipino desserts. Categories filipino food recipes tags asian desserts recipes. Chocolate mousse recipe anyone can take a trip to a candy store or bakery to buy confections for family and sweethearts on valentine's day.

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Preheat oven to 375°f (190°c). This delicious filipino dessert is usually prepared for special occasions. Filipino dessert recipe instructions : A collection of delicious filipino dishes and filipino recipes.

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